Monday, December 19, 2011

PWS Clinic Appt

Isaac's weight has stayed about the same since spring - so that is wonderful. It is very hard work - and I stress over his diet constantly, so its good to hear from the doctors that even they think things are going well. He has grown 3/4 of an inch since June. I was really happy and pleased with the appointment. We met with a psychologist during the appointment to talk about certain behaviors and how to address them.

Overall it was a great trip - we stayed an extra night and went to see the Christmas lights at the zoo, which the kids loved. We are really looking forward to Christmas this week! Isaac wants a pirate ship and Lucy wants anything princess. Seeing Christmas through the eyes of a kid is absolutely the best! I love how excited they get at the littlest things - we all need to live like that. Just be more excited about the little things.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Speech is really coming right along! Scoliosis Update

I wanted to share this moment from a few weeks ago because it was so cute:
Isaac got a Batman sticker at therapy and on the drive home Lucy kept saying she that she was Batman. Isaac listens to her for most of the ride and then says, "No Ki Ki (what he calls his sissy), I Batman" It was so stinking cute.

He now has so many words and is really coming along with intelligible few word sentences. He still gets insanely excited everytime you can understand just what he is saying. I think that between preschool, increased therapy, and Lucy's nonstop talking - he's coming along in leaps and bounds!

We had an orthopedics appointment early this month and his curve had progressed 2 degrees in a couple of months - which isn't so bad - but we can expect our next lengthening in Spring of 2012. The goal is to stay closer to 6 months than a year between lengthenings - apparently better for the spine. Not so great when you think that a spine only tolerates a finite number of lengthenings (we've heard around 6) before it doesn't help anymore. Eek. So yeah we have the potential to outgrow the usefulness of the VEPTR earlier than expected but we knew this thing was a work in progress when we got it. Its just hard in dealing with the unknown - but I guess that speaks to more than just the VEPTR :)

Jack and Lucy are doing great. Its a wild bunch but everyone seems to have adjusted to the new one pretty well so far. Isaac does try to carry him anytime we look away but we watch for that. :)

Bring on the holidays!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Baby Jack is here!

Jack Fisher Cantrell was born October 4th, weighing 7lbs 15 oz and 20 1/4 inches long. Isaac and Lucy like him a lot, maybe a little too much at times. Things are wild but going well.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Some cute pictures :)

I can't resist the cheesy dress up pictures when at the beach. :)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Not sure when I'll get to post again

Isaac's 3 year pedi visit was yesterday - we are a couple months off since last years VEPTR surgery - but I'm so happy to report that his weight has stayed the same for months! He's still 38 lbs. and 38 inches tall (which i think he's a little taller but he's hard to measure these days).

He's started new private speech and OT which seems to be going well. We still haven't made it in for our PT evaluation - the place we are going is super busy and I don't think he's really a high priority PT case. He also is getting speech twice a week at preschool, which is exciting. He is really getting chatty around our house and starting to get his point across.

We don't have long before baby number 3 is going to show up and lord only knows when I'll be able to post after that - but hopefully things keep going well & we get into a routine with all the new recent changes.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Loving preschool!

So I think the boy loves preschool. He is so excited every morning waking me up and saying "school" over and over until we are out the door. He even is excited to get on the bus. I admit its weird sending a kid who you can't really talk to, off to spend a few hours with people you don't really know - but so far everyone has been great. I am really happy the whole thing has went so smoothly.

Oh yeah and did I mention that my little boy is doing absolutely great right now with potty training. I love this kid. We have been in pull ups for awhile - kind of trying it out - but with the start of preschool and everything we went pretty gung ho and its been wonderful!!!!! I've just been taking him often and he's holding it well and going - but yesterday - the boy walked over to me grabbed his diaper and said potty. I almost cried, but hey I'm pregnant and I do that for a lot of things these days. :) It really has been a great week!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Where has our summer gone?

We've been soooo busy!

Isaac went to his first movie Cars 2 with his cousins Emma and Georgia.

And he turned 3 which was a great day - even though it was only 5 days post-surgery. He and Lucy had a blast on his new play yard.

We can't wait to go back this week and get the bandages off and hopefully be approved for swimming again - its been so hot and awful that he can't go swimming!!!! Oh and the boy starts preschool on the 25th of August. Its insane how fast July flew by.

We had two speech evaluations and should start private speech therapy soon. He wasn't diagnosed with apraxia, just found to have some apraxic like features - but he's really been coming along in speech the last few months and I can't wait to see what the increase in therapy will do for him. He is now calling himself Isaac (I- dick) and calling Lucy "Ki Ki" for sissy. Its cute and he's getting his point across.

Post surgery hsi walking is fine and he's getting around as well as before. That has been a blessing we weren't quite expecting.

Its been a fun and busy month. Just thought I'd post a few new pictures. I need to catch up on all the other cute little PW kiddos blogs out there!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Surgery went great!

So everything went well today - it took a lot longer than expected - nearly 2 hours waiting on the surgeon but Isaac wasn't wanting to wake up as usual so they could make sure his spine was a-ok. But he said all went well and he is already moving around just great and sitting on the edge of the bed for me. Lucy came along to entertain and she did - he has 2 new incisions - but already has his oxygen off and everything. I was so worried and we are truly blessed it has all gone so smoothly so far! We are hoping to be out tomorrow morning!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

He's almost 3!

Here are a few updates - its been a madhouse - a fun busy time and the kids seem to be growing like the weeds in our flowers outside. Lucy is already the dramatic wild red head (God help us) and Isaac is really turning into a little boy - not a toddler at all anymore.

Next Monday, the 11th, Isaac is going to undergo a lengthening of his VEPTR device - its his first one since it was put in last August. We are a little nervous - but kind of excited to get him back to straight again and see how well he does. His recovery is supposed to be a lot easier than the initial one and he's supposed to be back to swimming in 3 weeks or less. :)

That following Friday we have Isaac's first IEP for preschool - we are so excited he got in! I think he's going to love it.

We also got approved for WAIVER, which we tried for for 2 years, then were waitlisted a year for - so we are very very excited and blessed to start that - we are supposed to get a few things lined up and then meet with our service coordinator soon.

Plus next Saturday we are going to celebrate Isaac's 3rd Birthday!!! We are going to have a Barney themed bash - which is a little harder than you expect. I ordered all of the stuff for it off of the internet and I'm pretty sure it came from 1992. :) I guess he's not as big as he was back in the day. He sure is big to Isaac these days since he woke me up at 4 this morning to ask if he could watch Barney.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

More pictures - We've been busy!

Isaac played on the BIG jungle gym

He climbed this huge step ladder mostly by himself to get to the slide.

Swimming with Grandpa.

This boy likes his floogles - this girl not so much.

The big ATV race - yeah he's on the barbie one - it goes a little slower so we can keep track of him better :)

Lucy rode the pony at the Zoo - If only Isaac would we could try out Hippotherapy!

The Zoo and a few more fun summer pictures

The favorite is still the elephants - even just the bronze ones :)

Isaac touched an alligator

Barney Live

We went to see Barney Live in Huntington - and it was quite the hit with Isaac & Lucy. They were so excited. But you can't really tell from any of the pictures we got.

We couldn't get a single good picture of their sheer joy because they wouldn't take their eyes off of Barney to even bother to look at us.

This is more of the look we were going for. :)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

A summer haircut


He's not quite sure what to think.

I loved his curls but this should be a lot easier with all of the swimming in our future!

We went to the orthopedist on Tuesday in Columbus. I guess we are going to go with a surgeon there for our VEPTR adjustments. Our initial surgeon there trained under the man who created the VEPTR so it makes us feel more secure in going with his recommendations. The closest recommendation he could give us other than Columbus was Philadelphia (which isn't so close to us) so regardless of what we decide on the PWS Clinic issue we are staying with Columbus for the VEPTR.

We have a PWS Clinic appointment in early June. An endocrinologist who used to work at the Columbus PWS Clinic is coming to Charleston possibly to stay - and if so we thought about going with her. We never know. :)

Just a note on Isaac - his weight has been the same since Christmas really and he's grown maybe 2 to 3 inches. He's looking like quite the little grown up these days!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Getting ready to transition to preschool

We have a couple of meetings in the next couple of weeks to discuss preschool and have him evaluated. If he qualifies he'll start 4 days a week in the fall - for 3 hours a day. I'm excited for the little guy because he loves Sunday School so much I really think he'll love preschool too!! Its a really good preschool and we are hopeful he'll get in.

I'm a little nervous to transfer to private therapy this summer for the few months before we get to preschool but hopeful because he might start music therapy too. We are even looking into hippotherapy too.

Isaac is doing great in speech these days - he has so many new words! He is also calling his sister Lucy "Lu Lu" and his cousin Georgia "Ga Ga" - its stinking adorable!!!

We are having another boy - which we are terribly excited about!!! I can only imagine what Isaac and Lucy are going to think of him when he gets here!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Eek - the Orthopedic Surgeon is leaving Columbus!

So as if I needed another sign to fall from the sky and hit me in the head telling me RUN RUN RUN from our doctors in Columbus (Did I mention I tried repeatedly after our appointment to get the promised info from the dietician and I never did get ahold of her or any info? I think she must have left too) - our orthopedic surgeon that put in Isaac's VEPTR device is moving to Oklahoma only days after our appointment in June. Eek! Yeah so he won't even be doing Isaac's first adjustment - EEK! He was the last tiny string holding me there.

I'm one of those people that have trouble breaking up with doctors or therapists, even if they suck. It took me MONTHS to finally drop Isaac's first PT and move on to the much better PT - and I always say "Why didn't I do that sooner!" You'd think that trait would mean I'm easy to please right? My husband would likely disagree.

I shouldn't resist change. I want to do what's best for him. In this PWS community though there are so many different opinions/ideas/approaches - I feel lost a lot of times. I just hope we can find a good fit and soon!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Enjoying Spring

Isaac enjoyed his cousin Georgia's 4th Birthday party!

Lucy and Isaac playing with their cousins Georgia and Emma

They want to go outside all day long! They are so mad when it rains!

He's not really happy with the glasses :)

We've been having a great time enjoying the outside this spring - hunting easter eggs, helping mommy weed her flowers, going down the slide & basically running wild!

He hasn't gained any since our last appointment and he's most definitely sprouted up there in height!!! The higher hgh dose is really making him grow!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Black Bean and Pineapple Quesadillas My recipe is not exactly as in this one - but close. I don't use the coriander. I use a little cumin and cilantro. I use whole wheat tortillas and low fat cheddar cheese. I also put lettuce and diced tomato inside after Ive finished cooking them (yeah I pry the cheesy thing back open and stick them in there because I can't get Isaac to eat that stuff on the side or by itself - He doesn't mind it in the warm gooey quesadilla. I've also used red beans and he liked that just as much. Its fast and easy too!!

Hey PWS mom's - We need to share our Healthy Meal Ideas!!!

Seriously, I feel like I get so boring with the same old same old! Wouldn't it be great if we posted just one recipe every week -or even couple of weeks - of new good stuff we are making our little ones to eat. Seriously, because I'm not that creative to delight every day! I get great ideas for other stuff from you PWS mom's out there - why not share what healthy meals your little one's love!!! Anyone in?? Mandii from Adventures in Asherland is onboard! She may even devote a part of her blog to it - which sounds great to me!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

A better gait

So Isaac's PT was really impressed with him today. He's doing better balancing on one foot at a time. It seems that his balance beam is doing great at improving his balance and his gait. The VEPTR surgery gave him more of a waddle, but his gait is getting so much better. He's walking with a more forward stride and not so penguinish.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Isaac's Favorite Apps

I was asked for some more apps Isaac likes and I thought I'd share. We have a lot of different types of apps - because Isaac, like his mom has the attention span of a gnat. These are the ones that get the most use. Well in addition to his new favorite Laurie Berkner app:

  1. Zoola - its an animal sounds one that is easy for them to use by themselves - with a lot of the other ones we have I have to help him along.

  2. icommunicate - We use it to practice speech. I make a lot of storyboards of b, n, p words and so on and try to get 2 syllable simple words.

  3. All of the flashcards - great pictures and words - plays music after you go through a few - Isaac is a big flashcard kid though.

  4. Verbs with Milo - He even likes the tada that most find annoying :)

  5. ToyStory free book - We have so many good free books! I hate to even pay for a book on here because there are so many good free ones like this one.

  6. The Wheels on the Bus by Duck Duck Moose

  7. The Little Engine that Could by Once upon an app

  8. Signing Time and Smart Hands Lite (he can get the videos to play for Smart Hands really easily so he can play with it himself for awhile)

  9. Grover's The Monster at the End of this Book & Elmo's Monster Maker

  10. Fisherprice's Bigfoot

  11. The Singamajigs

  12. Talking Rex

  13. Going places (It models them going to different places like the mall & how to appropriately act) - We also have itouchilearn morning routines - but I have to help him with it.

  14. iSteelPan - He likes this drum, but he also likes the free guitar app and the free piano app.

  15. Kidzongs - He plays these over and over!

  16. AutismXpress - its has all these different emotions on it - Its easy for him to maneuver.

  17. Adam's Game

  18. He loves sing-a-long games: We have a bunch by Tiger Stripes (you can just look them up in the app store and all of the ones will come up) - Mary's Lamb, In the Meadow, Working on the Railroad, Jack & Jill and If you're Happy and you know it

  19. Dance Star Mickey

  20. My Monster Voice

  21. See.Touch.Learn

  22. The Cookie machine

  23. Chugginton Roundhouse Romp

  24. Word Slapps - great that you can set the level of difficulty

  25. And of Course BARNEY! It has 3 different games on it - its definitely been worth the 2.99 or whatever we paid for it.

Hope this helps!! Let me know your favorites too if you get the chance!!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New ipad app we love

The Laurie Berkner Band has an app!! You can listen to all the great songs and watch videos & Isaac loves it. He's a big fan of the Googlehead song - he grabs his ears and dances all silly to it. Oh and did I mention that its FREE??!!! Yeah between that and the signing time videos the boy has a regular MTV for wee ones going on the ipad.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Isaac is singing :)

My boy is not only a dancing fool (he showed his smooth moves to our PT today) but now he's starting to sing. Its so stinking cute I want to eat him. So when we sing this little light of mine - he says something resembling mine, then screams NO (hide it under a bushel no) and so on. Every verse he's picked up on a word and tries to keep up the melody. He's got like 10 different songs he actually puts a word in there with. He has shown so much more interest in talking lately. His number of intelligible words has went up dramatically in the last few months. I'm loving it!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

We have UPD

Our results show we really do have PWS-UPD!!! We are relieved and thankful. It doesn't change what we thought our chances of having another child with PWS were - you know, only 2 weeks ago when we lived under the impression we actually knew we had PWS-UPD. :)

Will we still have an amnio? Since the previous 9 months of pregnancy with ol Lucy made us blubbering crazy worried idiots - we still just might. Did I ever mention my husband locking the keys in the running car the day of the scheduled c-section?? Did I ever mention the fact my husband still looks at my little girl and wonders if she has PWS to this day? Our experience has really messed with our heads when it comes to having another one - OBVIOUSLY. :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Kind of Unbelievable PWS Appointment

So we had PWS Clinic in Columbus Friday. He is 95th percentile for weight (36 lbs 3/16 oz and 35 or 36 inches tall - up from 60th percentile 6 months ago). He gained the majority of that weight before Christmas and since Christmas has gained around a pound. After Christmas he became much more active (he was sedentary/guarded about his movement for a long time after his surgery) and we modified his diet. I gave the dietician a detailed list of the things we give him now - and she is going to be sending me some guidelines and a plan. I appreciate that. We also are going from .4 hgh to .6 hgh, so that is good. So now to the unbelievable part.

We told the geneticist that we were unsure how we could have UPD when neither my husband nor myself had ever had a blood test. She was dismissive at first, "no you have UPD" but we were persistent and said we were especially concerned in light of the fact that we are pregnant again. She look baffled, flustered, and concerned. Yeah I did say PREGNANT again - good lord we are crazy - and I guess that explains my crazy worried post from last month, apparently the hormones were starting to rage! Anyways, she looked back to the testing and saw that we in fact did not have blood tests, agreed that it is not certain that we have UPD, but likely. So we could have the imprinting one and our chances for having another would be different than with UPD. A pleasant thought for an already hormonal person. So we all had blood testing Friday and should find out in a few weeks if we in fact do have UPD or imprinting.

A little background, say a year and a half ago, when we were pregnant with Lucy, we expressed the same concerns to the very same geneticist, and were dismissed as worriers. I swear the same things were said this time around, but for some reason she actually listened to us this time. Mind you this geneticist has the God complex times 100, she feels apparently so intelligent that she doesn't have to listen or answer any real questions. Her personality has always rubbed me raw - she constantly criticizes WV doctors and early intervention which is offensive ( but mostly because I'm kind of full of myself too and cannot stand being talked down to). She apparently thought we were confused, told us again that we had UPD, and said if we felt so worried to have an amnio and they could do a methylation test.

What made me most upset is the way the geneticist acted. She immediately started blaming the initial WV geneticist for not doing the blood test.
Background: We went to a geneticist in WV in November 2008, She called me in January 2009 to tell me we had UPD. Seriously I was so shocked during the phone call I don't have a clue what she said for sure. The test was forwarded on to this geneticist in Columbus with the PWS Clinic who we saw to explain the diagnosis. We never got a confirming letter or a copy of any results from the initial geneticist, they simply forwarded the testing on to this geneticist, who we saw a month later and she explained that we had UPD, and then sent us a letter stating we had UPD and gave information about UPD. Yeah, so is it too much to ask when you receive a genetic test to REVIEW it to god forbid see if we need follow up blood testing to actually confirm it?

Anyways, thats enough of a rant I suppose for the disaster that was Friday. We are very excited we are expecting another one - but this time I will likely be having an amnio to ease our worries. I'm due October 11th, 2011!!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ma-Ma, Ma-Ma!

So for the longest time I'd tell Isaac, sweetie you can 't just yell at me and expect me to come running, you have to yell ma-ma - that's my name, like yours is Isaac. Then he'd just grin because he knew I was already there getting what he wanted anyways. But last week it started. I go to the kitchen for a minute and from the living room I hear, Ma-Ma! Ma-Ma! So I run and he wants me to read him a book (He always wants you to read him a book, 50 books really). Of course I praised him ridiculously for yelling at me. Good move mommy. Yeah now he's been yelling Ma-Ma like there is no tomorrow and normally he just grins like a fiend when I get to him. Like wow this thing works so much better than just yelling.

Its seriously one of the best things ever to hear my little guy talking to me. It feels like he's been here forever, but just now we are starting to communicate with each other & I love it!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Great Weekend - Good Ortho Appointment

So I've calmed down from my last post - and I have to say that my little guy had a great weekend filled with all kinds of family and friends. He played and played and wore himself out playing. He had a lot of energy this weekend.

I just think that as a mom of a kid with PWS I overanalyze every little behavior waiting for the food part to start and I sometimes just freak out - most of the time I'm super positve really - but when you sit back and look at him right now - he's just fine foodwise!

We had an ortho appointment last week with Dr. Willits and found out Isaac wouldn't have to have adjustments every four to six months as first thought. Now he's recommending yearly adjustments (try to wait until the curve progresses 10 degrees, in 6 months Isaac's has progressed only 4 degrees with the device). He said that they have found that really there are only a finite amount of adjustments that work with the device because the muscles won't tolerate more. Its better to limit adjustments. I'm just glad they found this out for us before we were 5 or 6 adjustments in you know? Its weird having your kid be a test subject with this stuff really but we are so thankful for the amazing technology and keep hoping that it advances with us!!! Anyways it lessens our worry about the VEPTR procedures taking over! So that is great news!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Aggravated . . . Stressed, Discouraged

Back in January we were supposed to have our PW Clinic appointment in Columbus. I called the day before since I hadn't received a reminder letter like I usually get. Well the Clinic was cancelled because the geneticist was unable to be there. Thank god I didn't find this out the next day after driving 3 and a half hours. Anyways they apologized, whatever, so the February clinic is full, and so we had to be put in the March clinic. Much to my protest since my little guy has gained nearly 10 pounds since we have seen them last.

Back in October before the tonsils were out, the doctor said that if my little guy gained just a pound he would get the higher hgh dosage. (He weighed 29 pounds then) So in November when the doctor called to say he could go back on the hgh, I asked can't they up his dosage of hgh based on his weight at the pediatricians office which was like 31 pounds at that time. She said she checked and that still wouldn't be enough for a dosage increase. We are only on .4 mg of somatropin. We have been on .4mg forever, since he was this emaciated little guy, not the big toddler we have now. So when this January stuff happened, I asked again if we could get a dosage increase - and they said not without seeing the doctor. Yeah ok.

To top it off they didn't understand why such and such surgeon did Isaac's tonsillectomy, when such and such other surgeon normally does PWS kids tonsil surgeries. Really, I guess I don't understand either since it was your office that referred us to that surgeon. I don't know I guess that since Dr. Hardin left it feels like this PW Clinic has well, just fallen to crap. The doctors honestly can't answer your questions about PWS because that isn't their specialty they just came over there after she left to fill in for awhile. Someone was supposed to be hired to replace her but its been the same clueless people for almost a year! I am aggravated just thinking about it all. I am really seriously considering switching to possibly Pittsburgh or I don't know at this point going to FL for this amazing Dr. Miller they speak of.

I just feel like Isaac is falling through the cracks of this Clinic that is basically falling apart. We get absolutely no guidance on supplements. It breaks my heart to see all these other PW moms out there getting recommendations of stuff to try and much much higher doses of hgh on smaller kids. (I know you shouldn't compare kids like this, but I just don't understand it, its not like we have done growth hormone deficiency testing or even metabolic testing to know anything more specific to guide the dosage, its simply done according to his height and weight according to this dr.) I guess I am just more or less really scared right now because Isaac has gained a good deal of weight since his surgery last August (10 lbs!) and our calories have went down.

I've called to see if there are any cancellations for February, but patience is not my forte. Dr. Hardin was so proactive, so inspiring. This place now is just depressing.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Shake, Babble and Roll

My two are wild these days - Isaac and Lucy chatter to each other all day long. If only I knew a little of what they were saying . . . They love to watch Barney and dance. The both get on the little trampoline together and move all over. Its a wild wild house. I absolutely love it right now. It is so fun.

I really hope his speech takes off. He is doing so much better with repeat syllables - moo moo, ma ma, da da, etc on command. He babbles in a zillion syllables with his sister, but when you want him to repeat a sound for the longest time you only got ma or da or whatever. Now I'm getting neigh neigh and so on.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A few more pictures of the birthday girl . . .

A year ago :)

My Lucy is 1 year old!

We had a little owl - Look Whoo's one birthday for the little one - She was so adorable. She really enjoyed every minute of it - especially all the people around to visit her. I tried to lighten up the fare this time around and make sure there were plenty of healthy options. But of course there were cupcakes. :)
She is doing so much right now its amazing (and terrifying) but I am so happy to have her in our lives. Her big brother absolutely loves her (when he's not pinching her) and has to have her near at all times. His Lucy sign is probably his most frequent especially when he's tired or wanting to get into trouble.
Happy Birthday to my beautiful little girl!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Speech Therapy and the Monster at the end of this book

So Grover's Monster at the end of this book for ipad is a HUGE hit! We've read this book to him since he was little - but there is something about having Grover tell the story makes my kids go nuts! They love this app for ipad. It is adorable. :)

Per Isaac's speech therapist's recommendation (and with her help), I programmed a storyboard on icommunicate with words like cow - with two sounds for the word - like moo moo, in order to encourage Isaac to make two syllables at a time. We talked about apraxia a lot and how in order to help with sequencing its good to encourage two of the same sounds at first and that will hopefully lead to two different syllable sounds later on. Wow I'm not very articulate at explaining that. Anyways, I have storyboards now with train - choo choo, clown - ha ha, owl - hoot hoot and so on. I also am making story boards with simple sounding words of the p, b, m variety. So pot, potty, pool, pop etc. just to encourage specifically the p sound. Its just like flashcards with my voice saying "pop pop pop" etc. I'm really excited because it sounds like a great way to encourage speech that we haven't really focused on. I mean we do flashcards all the time but this seems more . . . concentrated? Anyways I'm excited.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas fun abounds - My two were really getting into this present thing . . .

Christmas with Eric's Family

Christmas with my Family

Christmas with our own little Family

Christmas Morning Craziness

Too busy to be bothered by a mom with her camera
Isaac & Lucy really got into Christmas this year & it was an absolute blast!!! At the rate these 2 kid's Christmases are going they'll be asking for Pink Porsche's and Space Shuttles by age 10.

Oh the pain mom . . .

So Isaac squished his fingers in a drawer this morning, so I ran over and grabbed him and kissed his fingers - saying oh mommy will kiss it and make it all better. He thought that was pretty hysterical I guess so now he's "hurting himself" all over the place and running over with his fingers for me to kiss and make feel better. Its so stinking cute.
Ah, if only a kiss fixed everything else this quickly. :)