Monday, September 27, 2010

Sneak peek o cuteness

I LOVE Halloween!!! So yeah I couldn't resist dressing them up already. :) Isaac really likes his hat and wants to wear it around the house. I love it!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

2 year pedi appt - a little late

So in the midst of all that was the month of August I kind of forgot about the boy's 2 year pedi appt. When someone from the hospital called to discuss his upcoming tonsil surgery she asked if he was up to date on all his immunizations I realized I forgot - so two months late we scheduled an appt - and wow - he jumped from the 5th percentile in weight to 60th percentile - PANIC SETS IN. But I have to remind myself that first, its two months late (doesn't this count for something???) and the boy has been sedentary and off growth hormone for two months!!! I'm not really flipping out too much just yet - I just want to get my little man moving again! (and back on the hgh!)

So it made me extra specially happy to see my boy going wild today in PT and speech. He was back to his happy mobile little self. First, he said like 8 words he never really tried before and they actually sounded like what she was asking for. I swear the boy just tries to impress her. He loves her - its embarrassing almost. :) Then in PT he was sitting on the floor and getting himself up and then picking stuff up from out of our ottoman full of toys. This by far has been the hardest thing for him to get used to - using his arms to get himself up and around. Its like he hasn't figured out how to do it with the VEPTR in just yet. Plus he has such spindly little arms. But it will click - he's walking pretty well and all nosy and into everything like he was before :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Amazing Adventures of Ayden Jane: Sibling Effects

Wow I have to say reading this blog post tonight brought a tear to my eye - how special siblings are in a PW child's life. Where she writes about seeing God so vividly in filling in all of the weakneesses - I pray for faith and courage daily and its sweet to see a child who has so much faith. :)

Amazing Adventures of Ayden Jane: Sibling Effects: "I have posted before about the profound effect Kayla, Noah and Mckenna have on Ayden Jane and vice versa. I am so proud of all of them and ..."

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Looking Good

Isaac is looking and feeling pretty great right now. He is walking along the walls again - not completely back to his carefree walking self before - but getting around much much better. His smiley silly nature is back and he is getting quite attached to his sister. At his appointment on Thursday, the doctor took x-rays again and he said it looked great. His scar looks nice & thin as you can see in picture 2 there. And of course I had to throw in a little Lucy because she is cruising and into everything.
Thanks everyone for their thoughts and prayers! He is really getting along great. The improvement in his breathing is amazing. He no longer snores all night! He is so straight its just crazy. It has made such a huge difference and to think that he'll be able to grow straight like that now just makes me so excited.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Walking a little

So the boy is walking a little around holding our hands (and actually using the support). He chased his cousins around this weekend so that was a great motivator. He's still getting his medicine about once a day and getting fatigued pretty easily. His follow up appointment with the surgeon is on Thursday so hopefully we'll see if we need to be doing more/something different and see how the doctor thinks he's doing.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

His back after VEPTR surgery

I'm posting this for those out there interested in VEPTR surgery - because honestly there is so little information out there on it. Isaac has 3 scars on his back which I know will look even better once all the nasty plastic and bandages come off but just to give you an idea of it - Here is his back after surgery. He has one longer scar at the top in the middle and two smaller scars on both sides of his lower back which are partially hidden by the pamper. Much smaller than I'd envisioned in my mind - and already healing. I'll have to show another picture after the bandage comes off.

My boy is cruising again :)

His new horsey

After a healing hug from cousin Georgia

The sheer joy on his face leaving the hospital in a wagon :)

Tonight Isaac and Lucy both cruised around the ottoman! Its crazy! I'm scared what the next few weeks mean for me since they are both getting so mobile at the same time . . .
Well, its been 2 weeks today since his surgery and he is doing so great!!! On Monday he took 10 steps for my Dad (my dad just held his hands and along the boy went). Then yesterday he walked a little so my Dad could show my mom. He obviously works hard to please my parents :) and tonight he walked around the ottoman on his own with Daddy following close behind. He sits on his new rocking horse without any complaint and has started to roll again. He isn't sitting himself up yet or anything but he is definitely making progress!!!