Monday, February 6, 2012

VEPTR lengthening scheduled/FOOD stuff

Isaac had his annual sleep study done Friday night after his ortho appointment in Columbus. We found out his next VEPTR lengthening will be March 15th - and it may or may not involve a replacement of the top device - he'll only find out once he's in there. His curve has increased around 10 degrees higher than it was after the lengthening last year. The orthopedic surgeon was more positive about VEPTR this time - he still crossed his fingers once while talking - but reiterated that its better than growth rods for Isaac.

We should have another endocrinology visit soon - and should find out the sleep study results. His weight is staying pretty steady around 39 lbs. His VEPTR device is kind of pulling against him height wise right now so we might not see any increase there until he's lengthened. :)

Things are going pretty well - he hasn't had any change in food related behavior in awhile. We have some basics established (no food in reach or in sight, we eat at the table, we limit his calories). He hasn't really woke up and said or signed eat like he did last year. He'll wake up and usually play for awhile and then I'll offer him his breakfast. He usually doesn't want or ask for food unless he sees it. If you bring out some food he'll come over and ask for some, but if we don't have anything out, he's not really asking. So that's been nice. Because we just try not to eat anything when we aren't at the table unless its ok for him to have some. I guess we always just think we are in the calm before the storm, waiting for all that to start. At least we feel prepared for it if that makes sense. Well enough rambling, off to play with the two other wild ones while Isaac is at preschool!