Thursday, May 20, 2010

Major Developments - MAJOR!

I've been hesitant to post about my little fella's um WALKING, but listen people he just turned 22 months and he's all over the place. He took the first few divey like steps weeks ago. He took 3 for his OT Sonya, and then a few more for his therapist Bridget, but I never really "counted" those steps I guess. I guess I was waiting for him just to take off on his own and do it. Week after week he's become a little more stable. Today in PT he crawled across the room pulled himself up to the ottoman and then proceeded to take 9 unassisted steps to the PT. This unprovoked walking is quite new and quite AMAZING. He really is walking. He's done it all day, from ottoman to chair, from chair to me.

Always before he leaves one of our hands and is coaxed into walking to someone or something, or to chase after something he wants. To see him actually just take off walking on his own seriously brings a tear to my eye. I didn't really get emotional while the PT was here, but I am a little now thinking about it.

I just think back to when he was born and we didn't even know what he had. We didn't think he'd ever walk. Then we got a diagnosis of PWS, and still thought, what will his walking be like one day and when will it ever happen? That seems like yesterday and to look at my little goofball sitting in the floor pretending to read the little engine that could (babbling to himself and pointing) right now makes me really proud. He's come so far and is doing so well. I know the food part of this disorder is still to come and still pretty messed up if you ask me. But not one single thing we've had to go through so far has been bad really, just different.

My mom has a sign up in her house that says: God doesn't change the circumstances of our lives, he just changes our attitudes towards them. I guess today I'm feeling especially blessed. :) Of course call me after he has this VEPTR surgery August 18th, and I'm sure we'll be a mess, but oh well, its baby steps this process.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New pictures

Super Pudgy Lucy who is now 4 months old!

His new glasses from the side

Cute boy in his new glasses

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Success with the Glasses - Yay Miraflex!

We got his stylin new glasses - actually he looks like the painter on Yo Gabba Gabba - and he has worn them nearly all day for the past two days!!! Its awesome. And they fit well on the nose so that really helps. I'll post a picture soon.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sweet Jealousy :)

Bear with me its sideways. So this was Lucy playing in "Isaac's" Jumper. He got a little jealous and started bouncing outside the jumper. I'm going to try to do better next time and remember not to turn the camera sideways. :)

So now here's Isaac's turn in the jumper now that he's about 2 feet too tall for it. :)

Friday, May 7, 2010

May need a helmet :) Spiderman preferably

So my boy wants to walk. ALL the TIME - everywhere. Can he walk yet? Not really. He can cruise and get brave, and walk holding one of your fingers, or your whole hand if he's tired. The thing is, he thinks he can walk. So he takes off, and repeatedly face plants into something or hits his poor little head on stuff. Its awesome, and exciting, and sad all at the same time. I'm like go little boy go, then oh honey I'm sorry I didn't catch you in time. Oh I'm not just letting him wander out there mind you - I do catch him 99 percent of the time, but that 1% I miss is going to get him a concussion by george. He's doing so great though. His PT has been off for about a month because she had a surgery and she was so impressed with his progress while she was gone. He's doing soooo much. I'm in definite trouble. :) Oh its 85 here and gorgeous today (yeah i'm rubbing it in to anyone in cold weather) :)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

My boy is a ladies man

Isaac and his Grandma Cindy

Getting ready to smooch on his Auntie Bebo

Loving on his cousin Jamie

Loving on his cousin Jessica

Me and my little man (with my hubby & little Lucy in the background)

This boy manipulates the ladies to get his way - that is for sure! He charms nurses and kisses all pretty gals. He twirls their hair and um, gets all up in your business when you hold him. (Sorry Aunt Debbie) He's a little touchy feely :) So watch out ladies - My boy will probably start dating in like 10 years :)!