Saturday, November 19, 2011

Speech is really coming right along! Scoliosis Update

I wanted to share this moment from a few weeks ago because it was so cute:
Isaac got a Batman sticker at therapy and on the drive home Lucy kept saying she that she was Batman. Isaac listens to her for most of the ride and then says, "No Ki Ki (what he calls his sissy), I Batman" It was so stinking cute.

He now has so many words and is really coming along with intelligible few word sentences. He still gets insanely excited everytime you can understand just what he is saying. I think that between preschool, increased therapy, and Lucy's nonstop talking - he's coming along in leaps and bounds!

We had an orthopedics appointment early this month and his curve had progressed 2 degrees in a couple of months - which isn't so bad - but we can expect our next lengthening in Spring of 2012. The goal is to stay closer to 6 months than a year between lengthenings - apparently better for the spine. Not so great when you think that a spine only tolerates a finite number of lengthenings (we've heard around 6) before it doesn't help anymore. Eek. So yeah we have the potential to outgrow the usefulness of the VEPTR earlier than expected but we knew this thing was a work in progress when we got it. Its just hard in dealing with the unknown - but I guess that speaks to more than just the VEPTR :)

Jack and Lucy are doing great. Its a wild bunch but everyone seems to have adjusted to the new one pretty well so far. Isaac does try to carry him anytime we look away but we watch for that. :)

Bring on the holidays!