Monday, July 13, 2009

Almost 1!!!!

So we are almost one - we are still a whopping 16 pounds and 1/6 of an oz. but oh well. He did grow 3 inches since he was 9 months so the HgH is definitely working. Our appointments this past week at Nationwide Children's Hospital went well. The opthamologist said that his eyes are definitely getting stronger and that he held the right eye very well at the appt.

We are now moving on up to a Pen type thing for our HgH shots, which they say will be much easier. The Dr. upped the dose. We are supposed to work on getting him to gain weight, but not to do it with bad stuff, try to just give him healthy table foods, vegetables and fruits. We have to limit the juice and calories from liquids and focus on getting more proteins to build his little baby muscle. She said not to worry about still having the feeding tube, whatever it takes to keep him growing.

I MUST post new pictures. He is getting so adorable. Not that he wasn't always adorable, but its just that now he just has to look at me and he can get his way. Which is going to suck pretty much with all of the behavioral issues we are supposed to expect. :)