Thursday, May 26, 2011

A summer haircut


He's not quite sure what to think.

I loved his curls but this should be a lot easier with all of the swimming in our future!

We went to the orthopedist on Tuesday in Columbus. I guess we are going to go with a surgeon there for our VEPTR adjustments. Our initial surgeon there trained under the man who created the VEPTR so it makes us feel more secure in going with his recommendations. The closest recommendation he could give us other than Columbus was Philadelphia (which isn't so close to us) so regardless of what we decide on the PWS Clinic issue we are staying with Columbus for the VEPTR.

We have a PWS Clinic appointment in early June. An endocrinologist who used to work at the Columbus PWS Clinic is coming to Charleston possibly to stay - and if so we thought about going with her. We never know. :)

Just a note on Isaac - his weight has been the same since Christmas really and he's grown maybe 2 to 3 inches. He's looking like quite the little grown up these days!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Getting ready to transition to preschool

We have a couple of meetings in the next couple of weeks to discuss preschool and have him evaluated. If he qualifies he'll start 4 days a week in the fall - for 3 hours a day. I'm excited for the little guy because he loves Sunday School so much I really think he'll love preschool too!! Its a really good preschool and we are hopeful he'll get in.

I'm a little nervous to transfer to private therapy this summer for the few months before we get to preschool but hopeful because he might start music therapy too. We are even looking into hippotherapy too.

Isaac is doing great in speech these days - he has so many new words! He is also calling his sister Lucy "Lu Lu" and his cousin Georgia "Ga Ga" - its stinking adorable!!!

We are having another boy - which we are terribly excited about!!! I can only imagine what Isaac and Lucy are going to think of him when he gets here!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Eek - the Orthopedic Surgeon is leaving Columbus!

So as if I needed another sign to fall from the sky and hit me in the head telling me RUN RUN RUN from our doctors in Columbus (Did I mention I tried repeatedly after our appointment to get the promised info from the dietician and I never did get ahold of her or any info? I think she must have left too) - our orthopedic surgeon that put in Isaac's VEPTR device is moving to Oklahoma only days after our appointment in June. Eek! Yeah so he won't even be doing Isaac's first adjustment - EEK! He was the last tiny string holding me there.

I'm one of those people that have trouble breaking up with doctors or therapists, even if they suck. It took me MONTHS to finally drop Isaac's first PT and move on to the much better PT - and I always say "Why didn't I do that sooner!" You'd think that trait would mean I'm easy to please right? My husband would likely disagree.

I shouldn't resist change. I want to do what's best for him. In this PWS community though there are so many different opinions/ideas/approaches - I feel lost a lot of times. I just hope we can find a good fit and soon!