Thursday, May 26, 2011

A summer haircut


He's not quite sure what to think.

I loved his curls but this should be a lot easier with all of the swimming in our future!

We went to the orthopedist on Tuesday in Columbus. I guess we are going to go with a surgeon there for our VEPTR adjustments. Our initial surgeon there trained under the man who created the VEPTR so it makes us feel more secure in going with his recommendations. The closest recommendation he could give us other than Columbus was Philadelphia (which isn't so close to us) so regardless of what we decide on the PWS Clinic issue we are staying with Columbus for the VEPTR.

We have a PWS Clinic appointment in early June. An endocrinologist who used to work at the Columbus PWS Clinic is coming to Charleston possibly to stay - and if so we thought about going with her. We never know. :)

Just a note on Isaac - his weight has been the same since Christmas really and he's grown maybe 2 to 3 inches. He's looking like quite the little grown up these days!!!

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