Monday, November 19, 2012

IEP & parent teacher conference

So we had our 3rd IEP for Isaac - they are adding PT and OT to the ST he's receiving at school.  This will be in addition to the therapies he receives privately (PT, ST, and OT) each week.  We are excited.  Its nice to hear them talk about his progress. 

When we bombarded them with our questions about food, they all said he's doing fine around it (and they eat family style), not trying to take other kids and so on.  They also said that there has been no aggression this year, no pinching, no biting.  They believe and I agree, its because he can communicate so much better this year. 

He also started Music therapy about a month ago, and I'm pretty sure he'd leave us for his therapist if he could.  Any lady who will play the piano for this boy has his heart forever. 

We are prepping for these food filled holidays coming up - trying to work on our game plan for all of it.  Keeping Isaac from gaining a bunch of weight before his surgery in January has us a little on edge, but we are always a little on edge I guess.  :) 

Now onto the important stuff, what should Santa bring a cute little 4 year old boy for Christmas . . .

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Isaac the ring bearer

Here's Isaac and Lucy at my brother's wedding a couple of weekends ago.  I love this picture and had to show him off!!!