Sunday, June 23, 2013

Wow, so its been awhile.

Isaac is doing pretty well.  The last several months have been eventful.  His VEPTR revision went great - much better than expected.  He was off Pre-K for a while just tired more and couldn't tolerate as much for about a month after (was worn completely out by preschool 3 hours a day/4 days a week, stuff like that)

We were very glad once school was out for the summer for sure!!!  He'd started to throw tantrums when he was tired and cried a lot more.  Once he got his bearings he's been back to his old wild self now that he's had some time to rest.  We are keeping him in pre-k another year next year - because I just don't think he can swing a full day of school just yet.

His new favorite thing is pretending he's Handy Manny and trying to fix things with his tools, so there are play tools everywhere, all over our house and yard, stuffed in drawers and hidden in corners.  He asks who's calling and wants to know what they want fixed, then says will they like that mommy - once he's fixed it.  Super cute.

All things food seem to be going ok for the moment - he's not really pushing us for it too much.  He's been busy busy and playing outside ALL THE TIME - so I think we are doing alright for now.  We are in sugar free popsicle bliss I think, yay summer.

We spent a week in Hilton Head in early June and the kids loved it, I'll have to post some pictures.  Isaac will be 5 this summer, Jack will turn 2 in October and Lucy is going to be 4 in January - so its been a zoo.  But I'm glad to report that things are going well.  I guess I haven't really posted too much lately because PWS hasn't been to big of a part of things lately.  So that is the best thing I could post anyways.  :)