Friday, April 30, 2010

Well VEPTR surgery it is

We had our follow up with the orthopedic surgeon yesterday to go over the MRI results (spine is normal). His curve has increased pretty dramatically in the last few months because he's just growing so fast. (from 31 degrees to 50) So next week we are going to set up a date for VEPTR surgery. (check out i think which gives a lot of great info on it - they are also called titanium ribs) It will be early summer he thinks. We are scared but really excited. It sounds like it will do wonders for our little man and give him a chance at straightness. :) He'll have to be in the hospital for about a week, which is going to be pretty crazy. He's so wild right now I can't imagine keeping him couped up in the hospital for that long without him screaming and running through the halls. I am hoping it will help his speech too to get him straightened out some with this procedure. Sorry its a crazy ramble, I'm just thinking out loud I guess.

He's up to 22 lbs and they said like 32 inches (but i swear they never really take the time to measure him correctly unless you are at the endocrinology office). He was supposed to have another sleep study at the hospital to check for apnea but he was sick and snotty and so we rescheduled for May. Boy oh boy its shaping up to be a wild and fast spring.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

These flipping glasses . . .

Short of duct taping them to Isaac's face our time in glasses is short. The boy is not a fan. We've had them since December, and its such a battle! Well last week the doctor prescribed us some drops to dilate his eyes so that he'll have to wear his glasses in order to see. Which like most things we are told to do with Isaac sounds similar to baby torture. :) But by george it worked. But his poor eyes stay dilated forever. I'm still thinking of getting the soft rubber ones instead of what we have so that he won't be able to look over them instead of through them. This is just a blubbering rant I know. I could use a nap. :)
Oh and the boy stood by himself for like 10 seconds today - it was AWESOME. We are so close to walking it scares me!!!!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

What we've been up to lately

Showing Lucy how its done
Protecting Lucy from Gus the pug

Getting dressed up for a wedding

Listening to cousin Georgia tell him stories

Ah, nothing like some easter hives to start off spring . . .

Good Friday was gorgeous and near 90 here in WV. Me and the little ones were outside on a blanket enjoying the lovely weather & pollen all day long. :) Then my mom and dad brought two little ducks for Isaac & Lucy for Easter. They loved them - the ducks followed us all around our yard and were so cute. Fast forward to Saturday morning when Isaac woke up with the worst case of hives I've ever seen - which is saying a lot since my oldest brother used to get hives all the time. I'd post a picture but its just plain gross, poor kid. After benadryling him to death we finally took him to the pedi on Monday and got some Prednisone which cleared it right up. Thank God. So instead of Easter sunday festivities we stayed inside in our diaper itching & scratching. Poor little guy. He's really moving though lately so I think more steroids would be welcomed!