Tuesday, April 20, 2010

These flipping glasses . . .

Short of duct taping them to Isaac's face our time in glasses is short. The boy is not a fan. We've had them since December, and its such a battle! Well last week the doctor prescribed us some drops to dilate his eyes so that he'll have to wear his glasses in order to see. Which like most things we are told to do with Isaac sounds similar to baby torture. :) But by george it worked. But his poor eyes stay dilated forever. I'm still thinking of getting the soft rubber ones instead of what we have so that he won't be able to look over them instead of through them. This is just a blubbering rant I know. I could use a nap. :)
Oh and the boy stood by himself for like 10 seconds today - it was AWESOME. We are so close to walking it scares me!!!!!

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debs6882 said...

We are so proud of Isaac (and Mom & Dad too)! He has grown so much lately. He was such a big boy at Georgia's party! Hugs and Smoochies to Isaac & Lucy from Buckhannon!!