Friday, August 28, 2009

I blame pregnancy :)

Well I haven't done the best job posting in awhile - but I thought I would update. I have been wanting to add numerous photos especially of the little guy's first birthday party (where he was adorable)

He is actually 13 months and 11 days old now (Heck I turned 29, but I don't feel like changing that one just yet) . He weighed 18 pounds according to my scales this morning. Of course he looks like he is about 4 feet tall though - I haven't actually measured those long bird legs. We have our stander and our AFO's which have made a world of difference in the little man's legs. Now if we could just get those wimpy arms to get stronger!!!

He is actually babbling now! We love our speech therapist! She has wonderful crazy ideas and I'm so glad someone thought of all that stuff before we came along! He is making b, m, and d babble sounds. A big improvement from the silence that we had for so long!!!

We are up to .3 mg shots of Growth Hormone with a Pen 5 device. We give him L-Carnitine and CoQ10, plus give him the Polyvisol vitamin. God love HgH!!

He is doing well eating table food and has really taken off chewing, even though we still have no sign of a tooth anywhere!!

That is about as good of an update as I've got for today - but pictures will follow soon!! I promise.

oh and we are having a girl next - god help us all!