Wednesday, September 1, 2010

His back after VEPTR surgery

I'm posting this for those out there interested in VEPTR surgery - because honestly there is so little information out there on it. Isaac has 3 scars on his back which I know will look even better once all the nasty plastic and bandages come off but just to give you an idea of it - Here is his back after surgery. He has one longer scar at the top in the middle and two smaller scars on both sides of his lower back which are partially hidden by the pamper. Much smaller than I'd envisioned in my mind - and already healing. I'll have to show another picture after the bandage comes off.

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Mary said...

Whoa, I haven't been here in a while. I'm so glad to hear Isaac is recovering so well. One of our orthopedists suggested VEPTR for Oscar without ever having seen him (long story). I've never heard anyone else mention it. I went back through your archives and read that one of your docs mentioned that bracing wouldn't work because the curve is of neuromuscular origin. I'd heard that too, but after he was in a brace. (He's not now) I feel like there are so many opinions out there and its so hard to navigate it all the time...At one point I had three different opinions on Oscar's 30 degree curve -- VEPTR (Diab-UCSF), nightime brace (Gray - CPMC in SF) and nothing (Shriners St Louis). I hope the recovery continues to go smoothly!! It really doesn't look as invasive as I would have expected either.