Sunday, September 12, 2010

Looking Good

Isaac is looking and feeling pretty great right now. He is walking along the walls again - not completely back to his carefree walking self before - but getting around much much better. His smiley silly nature is back and he is getting quite attached to his sister. At his appointment on Thursday, the doctor took x-rays again and he said it looked great. His scar looks nice & thin as you can see in picture 2 there. And of course I had to throw in a little Lucy because she is cruising and into everything.
Thanks everyone for their thoughts and prayers! He is really getting along great. The improvement in his breathing is amazing. He no longer snores all night! He is so straight its just crazy. It has made such a huge difference and to think that he'll be able to grow straight like that now just makes me so excited.


mandii said...

way to go, isaac! and WOW he is the cutest, ever!

You asked about what type of carnitine fumarate we are using -- we use pure encapsulations. There is more info here:

This is exactly what we use:

It's definitely a little more pricey than other supplements, but I really think it makes a difference!

Good luck and please keep me posted on Isaac's supplements!

Andrew,Sally,Megan,Daniel and Lucy said...

Oh wow his back is healing so well you must be so thankful that its all over.

Will he have to have further operations to adjust it as he grows or is that it?

I know that one day we may have to have surgery for Lucy so its great to see a positive outcome for you and Isaac

You have been a very brave mama and Isaac such a brave special boy