Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My boy is cruising again :)

His new horsey

After a healing hug from cousin Georgia

The sheer joy on his face leaving the hospital in a wagon :)

Tonight Isaac and Lucy both cruised around the ottoman! Its crazy! I'm scared what the next few weeks mean for me since they are both getting so mobile at the same time . . .
Well, its been 2 weeks today since his surgery and he is doing so great!!! On Monday he took 10 steps for my Dad (my dad just held his hands and along the boy went). Then yesterday he walked a little so my Dad could show my mom. He obviously works hard to please my parents :) and tonight he walked around the ottoman on his own with Daddy following close behind. He sits on his new rocking horse without any complaint and has started to roll again. He isn't sitting himself up yet or anything but he is definitely making progress!!!

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debs6882 said...

Awesome Isaac!!!! You rock!!! Oh my, the two of them running around!! T-R-O-U-B-L-E! Sure you wouldn't have it any other way! Can not wait to share these pics with the folks at church!!!!!!