Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sorry - We have been off the grid for a week

So we got out on Monday because I think the doctors were sick of us. It was like well the fever was gone for 12 hours and boom out the door. We loved it. Just be difficult I guess and make a lot of demands and they will get you out the door quickly. We didn't get to see a PT and lord knows the boy wasn't walking - he's still not walking a week later - but we were free!!! Isaac did pretty well on the drive home with some big pillows and for the last week he's been sitting in a pile of pillows at Grandma and Grandpa's house in Precious little Procious, WV where there is no internet (sorry blog). I didn't think Eric and I could handle it on our own since Lucy is crawling and all over the place. It was so nice to be near the grandparents (on both sides) to help because the first days home were crazy.

He only stood for seconds at a time - and with great pain for the first couple of days. The last two days he stood for maybe a minute at a time but without the screaming. He didn't want to move his head at all in the beginning. Just now he will move it from side to side. I guess with kids when they feel the slightest pain they stop where with adults you can force them a little more. With us, when he screams we stop. Anyways - he is doing great now in comparison. I have pictures and x-rays to share as soon as I get it together but we just got back home and there is tons to un-pack. The smiley little boy is back and I am amazed how great this is going to be for him. Totally lifechanging.


Andrew,Sally,Megan,Daniel and Lucy said...

So glad you are home and that you have a smiley boy back,will keep you in my prayers that he gets stronger day by day,lucy sends special hugs

Isaac's Mom said...

Thanks Sally!!! Tell lucy he said thanks too!!! :) It really is going so well - we are very excited & blessed with how its going!