Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day five post surgery - Dear lord please get us out of here

So the little boy is still in pain & does not want to sit up. Further he does not want to attempt to walk, and does not want to be touched by anyone anymore. I feel sorry for the cutey and hope and pray we get to take him home soon because maybe it will be a little better there on our own turf. He has eaten and went to the bathroom, but he has had a fever the majority of the time since surgery.

So on our list before we go home is 1) get him to walk (god help us on that one, because I think that may take weeks as big of a change this is for him) and 2) not have a fever for at least 12 hours in a row. Today we switched from the Lortab and Teradol (msp) to Tylenol with Codeine. He was itching pretty badly yesterday & he has been itch free today! We put him in a wheelchair 3 times today and took him to the playroom to look around - he barely holds his head up and kind of slumps in the chair, but we were out and about, so that's something.

Sorry to ramble we've just been couped up in here and are getting a little nutty. Oh and thankfully we will get to talk a PT before going home to give us an idea of the limitations we will be facing. Its looking to us today like its going to be a long road to complete recovery - but from what we've heard everything should be great in 3 or 4 weeks. Its just so hard for the little man right now - poor fella.


debs6882 said...
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debs6882 said...

Starting the prayer chain this morning! Going to have you all back in WV ASAP. God can move mountains if we have faith the size of a mustard seed. He can get that little man moving too! All in His time and Isaac's time! Love you all!!!!

pat said...

Angie, Thanks for taking the time to post and keep us up to date on Isaac's recovery. You may think you are babbling but we appreciate every word you take time to post.