Friday, August 20, 2010

Day three post surgery update

So today the boy sat in a chair surrounded by pillows all by himself. :) He read every book we brought, which was around 100 books - and flashcards. He is doing exceptionally well according to our doctor and may be released Saturday or Sunday, which is pretty mindblowing. He still cries when we move him around from place to place or even when we switch positions in bed - but tolerates the position after we get him there. Last night we had a little freak out when he was woken up by a noise and he screamed for around 5 minutes like he was in some medicine induced nightmare - wasn't pretty - poor fella and mommy were crying. He got some pain medicine and calmed down.

He is eating real food today -1st meal: 3 mini pancakes, strawberry yogurt and a banana. They took out the catheter this morning and took him off Oxygen (they figured his baseline breathing was lower anyways because of his sleep apnea - so he normally breathes around 90 which is around where his 02 level was lingering without the oxygen). Really he's only hooked up to an IV. Still had a lingering temperature this morning so we started a new medicine that I can't remember the name of off the top of my head - but he's on it and Lortab. It kind of scares me that they are going to let us take him home already - wowza. But he is feeling much better today and you can see it.

Oh and remind me to post a picture of our before x-ray and after x-ray - it is INSANE the difference. INSANE! Must get to a scanner soon!!!


pat said...

Hang in there he will be better soon! Glad he is doing well.

Natalie said...

My husband found your blog yesterday. The we found out our little boy with pws has to have the same surgery. I would love to get in touch with you and chat in detail. I know you are very busy with everything that just occurred in your life but we are desperate to talk to someone who has experienced what we are about to experience very soon. My email address is natmac74@yahoo if you have a moment to chat. Thank you and we will be praying for your little guy . Natalie in Delaware,, Ohio.