Thursday, August 19, 2010

We made it through surgery fine - to the healing part now!

So the surgery yesterday was just a little less than 4 hours start to finish. I honestly heard the words "excited" and "lucky" come out of my mouth when talking to the surgeon before he went in. In reality I was pretty terrified - but am so so glad it all turned out so well so fast. When they called us early and said he would be out about half an hour earlier than expected I PANICKED - because I seriously thought something must have gone wrong and that is why it didn't last as long as we thought. How was I to know it was because everything went so well? Its just crazy and an amazing blessing. So many many many answered prayers.

He was in recovery for a few long hours but we finally got to see him in a regular room (not ICU as we expected). I will post pictures of my cute boy later - he looks a little rough at the moment. He did well and the device looks great apparently - he is still in a great deal of pain - and he kind of acts like he's scared to move. I got to hold him for a half an hour today - and he just blinked while i kissed him repeatedly.

I just wanted to throw a quick post out there - I'm just so ecstatic its over - Of course now I have to refrain from buying that $40 dollar elmo in the gift shop for the boy because lord knows he doesn't need another elmo stuffed animal. He already has a giant elmo balloon and a giant blues clues balloon and a horse we bought him yesterday - but when he's so pitiful I would seriously buy that child a Porsche if he asks (or signs please - that one gets me everytime).

Thanks for the prayers!!


bab006 said...

I have been praying and wondering how everything has been. Thanks for keeping us updated.

Sarah said...

I am so glad everything went well!! Keep us updated!

pat said...

so glad it is going well. hate it that you all, especially Isaac, have to go through this.

Andrew,Sally,Megan,Daniel and Lucy said...

Oh gosh didnt realise he was having surgery just yet.
glad it went well and hope he has a speedy recovery and that it corrects his back
lucy sends a big hug