Thursday, September 23, 2010

2 year pedi appt - a little late

So in the midst of all that was the month of August I kind of forgot about the boy's 2 year pedi appt. When someone from the hospital called to discuss his upcoming tonsil surgery she asked if he was up to date on all his immunizations I realized I forgot - so two months late we scheduled an appt - and wow - he jumped from the 5th percentile in weight to 60th percentile - PANIC SETS IN. But I have to remind myself that first, its two months late (doesn't this count for something???) and the boy has been sedentary and off growth hormone for two months!!! I'm not really flipping out too much just yet - I just want to get my little man moving again! (and back on the hgh!)

So it made me extra specially happy to see my boy going wild today in PT and speech. He was back to his happy mobile little self. First, he said like 8 words he never really tried before and they actually sounded like what she was asking for. I swear the boy just tries to impress her. He loves her - its embarrassing almost. :) Then in PT he was sitting on the floor and getting himself up and then picking stuff up from out of our ottoman full of toys. This by far has been the hardest thing for him to get used to - using his arms to get himself up and around. Its like he hasn't figured out how to do it with the VEPTR in just yet. Plus he has such spindly little arms. But it will click - he's walking pretty well and all nosy and into everything like he was before :)

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Mary said...

The height/weight stats drive me nuts, and yet I refer to them all the time. I remember the panic when Oscar's weight jumped -- he was only 6 mos old and I remember thinking, ALREADY? And then once on GH for a little while his metabolism was much better.

Isaac's been through so much -- I'm sure things will balance out soon. Sounds like he's already on his way!