Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ma-Ma, Ma-Ma!

So for the longest time I'd tell Isaac, sweetie you can 't just yell at me and expect me to come running, you have to yell ma-ma - that's my name, like yours is Isaac. Then he'd just grin because he knew I was already there getting what he wanted anyways. But last week it started. I go to the kitchen for a minute and from the living room I hear, Ma-Ma! Ma-Ma! So I run and he wants me to read him a book (He always wants you to read him a book, 50 books really). Of course I praised him ridiculously for yelling at me. Good move mommy. Yeah now he's been yelling Ma-Ma like there is no tomorrow and normally he just grins like a fiend when I get to him. Like wow this thing works so much better than just yelling.

Its seriously one of the best things ever to hear my little guy talking to me. It feels like he's been here forever, but just now we are starting to communicate with each other & I love it!


Lisa said...

Such a precious moment. It sounds like Isaac is going to be a great communicator. At nine years old my son Nicholas loves to talk! He will tell you all about what he loves to do and who his favorite heroes are. I never tire of hearing his thoughts.

Anonymous said...

It is those little things that we learn to appreciate as parents of any special needs child.:)

Mary said...

How awesome! Oscar still calls me from the other room so now we are working on him coming to find me instead lol!