Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Isaac's Favorite Apps

I was asked for some more apps Isaac likes and I thought I'd share. We have a lot of different types of apps - because Isaac, like his mom has the attention span of a gnat. These are the ones that get the most use. Well in addition to his new favorite Laurie Berkner app:

  1. Zoola - its an animal sounds one that is easy for them to use by themselves - with a lot of the other ones we have I have to help him along.

  2. icommunicate - We use it to practice speech. I make a lot of storyboards of b, n, p words and so on and try to get 2 syllable simple words.

  3. All of the flashcards - great pictures and words - plays music after you go through a few - Isaac is a big flashcard kid though.

  4. Verbs with Milo - He even likes the tada that most find annoying :)

  5. ToyStory free book - We have so many good free books! I hate to even pay for a book on here because there are so many good free ones like this one.

  6. The Wheels on the Bus by Duck Duck Moose

  7. The Little Engine that Could by Once upon an app

  8. Signing Time and Smart Hands Lite (he can get the videos to play for Smart Hands really easily so he can play with it himself for awhile)

  9. Grover's The Monster at the End of this Book & Elmo's Monster Maker

  10. Fisherprice's Bigfoot

  11. The Singamajigs

  12. Talking Rex

  13. Going places (It models them going to different places like the mall & how to appropriately act) - We also have itouchilearn morning routines - but I have to help him with it.

  14. iSteelPan - He likes this drum, but he also likes the free guitar app and the free piano app.

  15. Kidzongs - He plays these over and over!

  16. AutismXpress - its has all these different emotions on it - Its easy for him to maneuver.

  17. Adam's Game

  18. He loves sing-a-long games: We have a bunch by Tiger Stripes (you can just look them up in the app store and all of the ones will come up) - Mary's Lamb, In the Meadow, Working on the Railroad, Jack & Jill and If you're Happy and you know it

  19. Dance Star Mickey

  20. My Monster Voice

  21. See.Touch.Learn

  22. The Cookie machine

  23. Chugginton Roundhouse Romp

  24. Word Slapps - great that you can set the level of difficulty

  25. And of Course BARNEY! It has 3 different games on it - its definitely been worth the 2.99 or whatever we paid for it.

Hope this helps!! Let me know your favorites too if you get the chance!!!

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Desirae Legerski said...

Thank you so much. The ipad is overwhelming for me. This will help a lot!