Friday, September 23, 2011

Not sure when I'll get to post again

Isaac's 3 year pedi visit was yesterday - we are a couple months off since last years VEPTR surgery - but I'm so happy to report that his weight has stayed the same for months! He's still 38 lbs. and 38 inches tall (which i think he's a little taller but he's hard to measure these days).

He's started new private speech and OT which seems to be going well. We still haven't made it in for our PT evaluation - the place we are going is super busy and I don't think he's really a high priority PT case. He also is getting speech twice a week at preschool, which is exciting. He is really getting chatty around our house and starting to get his point across.

We don't have long before baby number 3 is going to show up and lord only knows when I'll be able to post after that - but hopefully things keep going well & we get into a routine with all the new recent changes.


will said...

Wow! 38 inches tall what a big boy! And baby #3... so many exciting happenings for you guys. Love checking in on sweet Isaac!

will said...

Whoops.. this is Mandii over at Adventures in Asherland! :) Just signed in in the wrong account.

Lisa said...

Congratulations and good luck with baby #3! We'll be thinking of you.