Thursday, March 4, 2010

Splash N Play Wednesday

I went to Splash n Play Wednesday yesterday (I like the name) with Isaac and had a great time. A local physical therapy office allows the use of their therapy for an hour or so for a group of us with special needs kiddies. Isaac loved being in the pool and how warm the water was. He also liked being around the other kiddos. Splash n Play came about as part of the Moms In Common group that was started by my EI developmental specialist, Bridget Bailey (who is awesome by the way). It is a great group of ladies of special needs kids that tries to get together for play dates, lunch, etc. I am hoping to become more involved as I get better at managing 2.

It has a nice website too:

Oh and there is also a resource fair coming up here in WV - Check it out at

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debs6882 said...

Danny talked to your Mom last night. She said that Isaac had a great time! Sounds like great fun for the kiddies. And a great group of ladies/Mommies!