Friday, October 2, 2009

Hope or Denial

On a special needs message board I frequent a mom there posted about how she thinks she lives in denial that her babies are delayed - like deep down she thinks they are going to live normal lives. It really made me think.

I live in this state of denial I guess because I honestly believe that Isaac's life will become our own sort of normal. All the hell we've been through so far, really hasn't been so bad I guess. We still have him and he's still such a sweetie. So he may not ever live independently or get married or have kids - all things that just seemed like nightmares to me at one point in time - but now I've just kind of got this attitude, like you never know. I don't know that in 20 years time they won't have a cure for the hyperphagia. I don't know that they won't have some magic pill or shot that will make it all better. I don't know how limited he will be mentally or physically for that matter - all I know right now is that he is delayed. But delayed doesn't mean it won't ever happen. So I guess I could say I live in constant denial, because I truly hope it will turn out ok. I like living in my blind little happy place, because seriously, sitting around in reality all the time would just be miserable!

I pray for a cure for his condition, just as a pray for a cure for all conditions that affect so many precious little ones out there.

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