Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Appt. with surgeon scheduled

We have an appointment scheduled with Dr. Torres to discuss taking Isaac's tube out. I am hoping that she doesn't try to fight us on it - we are so excited to have it taken out. It has been coming out so much in the last few weeks. It kind of defeats the purpose when he loses so much of what he has eaten when the blasted thing comes out! Anyways, we truly hope that it goes well & that the surgery will be quick and painless. As if anything in life is quick and painless.

Isaac is jabbering away these days. And trying to walk - he's really showing the desire to it seems. My parents bought him a little Pooh walker and he is so adorable in it trying to figure it out. He is 15 months old and we bet that tomorrow he'll weigh 20 lbs. Oh wow - to move into the forward facing seat - it will be a whole new world for this boy!!!

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