Monday, October 26, 2009

More Fall Pictures of my Cutie

He wasn't a big fan of the hay for the longest time (as obvious in the first pic) - Just kept looking grossed out by its stringiness. :) He stood holding that crate for a little while before he fell on his bum and laughed. He was adorable - but it was a 70 degree day and I swear I burned him up putting him in the sweater and jeans for a mall trip. Poor boy.


Clau said...

I'm from Argentina, and I try to follow your history , my son is 18 months and has PW too.
Your son is beautiful

Isaac's Mom said...

Thank you very very much - I'm glad you follow our story - I'm amazed how much better my kid is getting every day - I seriously want it out there for others to see because the internet is full of sad PW stories!!! I hope your son is doing great!!!