Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Good Appointment

Our appointment went well - Isaac weighed 18lbs 9oz, and was close to 29 inches tall. They told us we could get the g-tube out now - which is kind of bittersweet. We are soooo excited, but honestly we are scared too. We still use it, its our crutch. We sleep soundly at night knowing he gets enough nutrition. Now what will we do when he won't eat? I'd say with PWS we aren't going to have to wait too long before we have to be limiting his food, so we just need to shut up and be thankful. :)
But no, we are so excited to see how well he'll do without it. It seriously gets in the way of his crawling because his sticks out so darn much, so its exciting to see how he'll act without it in the way! Oh and Johnson & Johnson Gauze watch out, you are going to see a severe decrease in sales in the next quarter. :)

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debs6882 said...

Uncle Danny said "Good, now we can waller him around." :) Isaac better get ready for some tickles and raspberries on the belly!