Friday, September 18, 2009

EI Annual Review

Wow - its hard to believe my Isaac has been getting a year of EI services. We had the annual review and it was so great to hear how well everyone thought he was doing. I told Eric I figured they tell all moms these things to keep everyone happy - but it is really amazing how far Isaac has come. They think he'll be able to walk much sooner than originally thought. It was first said 2 years, but now they are hoping for in the next 6 months or more. That is GREAT NEWS!!

He is babbling all the time now. He is more quiet when he is around a bunch of people, but when it is just us at home he is a little silly chatterbox of noises. I love it. I secretly videotaped him last week a little bit (normally if he sees that I am recording he starts to grab for the camera).

We have an appointment next Friday at the Children's Hospital with Dr. Hardin - so we'll have to see how he's doing growth wise. We hope they are as impressed as we are. :)


Mandii said...

Thank you for your comment. Isaac is ADORABLE and we felt super encouraged by your blog. Sounds like he is doing great! We will definitely keep following your little guy!

debs6882 said...

Way to go Isaac!!! What a great praise report, Angie! Can't wait to share Isaac's progress and blessings at our prayer service tonight!