Saturday, July 31, 2010

Thanks Desirae for the Blog Award!!!

Desirae from Our Life with Prader Willi Syndrome in Las Vegas ( - sorry I'm not great with the linking) gave me my first blogger award! So now I'm supposed to share 7 things about myself as part of the rules:
So hmmmmm . . .
1) I actually enjoy watching Yo Gabba Gabba along with Isaac and Lucy.
2) I have more freckles than I know what to do with - and I promise I wear SPF 4 million daily.
3) I have needed to have my wisdom teeth taken out since before Isaac was born in 2008 but I keep putting it off, and no they are not giving me any extra wisdom by hanging around.
4) I love "Arrested Development" and cannot wait for the movie to come out!!!
5) I want an iPad so badly now that one of our therapists is using one with Isaac.
6) I could live off of chips and salsa - I'm sure of it.
7) I have been trying to lose the 40 lbs I put on with Isaac since well forever (except for that pregnant with Lucy period) and I cannot seem to do it and the fact that I can't lose weight without all the PWS issues makes me so panicked about Isaac and his future food issues that I want to stress eat (which my husband said is absolutely silly, so put down the food angie).

Thanks for the award Desirae - I appreciate the nod!!!

So I am going to pass it on to Adventures in Asherland and The Fields Triplets if they would like! They have great blogs that you should definitely check out!!!! Oh and check out Babies with iPads too - Bridget knows she's awesome so she doesn't even need an award :)!!

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Mandii said...

awesome! you totally deserve the award! and thanks so much for passing it on. Hope you and Isaac & Lucy are having a great start to your week!