Thursday, July 8, 2010

PWS Clinic in hours

Yeah so I'm up still trying to get things done and we have to leave in like 4 hours to go to Columbus for Isaac's PWS clinic appointment - I'm betting I'll be regretting the lack of sleep later. :) But I am excited to show him off at our appointment - He's done so much since we last saw the doctors! I really am proud of how far he's come. The PT said this week that his legs were getting more definition and getting much bigger. The creatine is helping (even though its not a daily thing, I still worry) and he just seems to be doing so well. We still haven't had the sleep study done that we were supposed to before our appointment, in fact its scheduled for next week (yay two weeks in a row to drive to columbus, oh joy) - but we are hoping that if all goes well with that they'll agree to up the Hgh. Well I hope this makes sense, because good lord I'm tired.

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