Tuesday, July 13, 2010

He's Looking Good!

So the boy is 34 inches tall (in the 55th percentile) and 24 lbs (for the first time in his entire 2 year life on the charts at the 9th percentile) and they were very pleased with him! We didn't see the geneticist at this appt (who we like) but the endocrinology doctors were nice. They didn't increase his HgH - he just hasn't gained enough weight to do so. The doctors were "nice" - I hate to get locked into that, I'll keep people around longer than I should because they seem nice enough - I hate to "break up" :) My husband is thankful for this trait in me and he kind of has it himself. :) I miss Dr. Hardin - she was awesome - these people are just ok. I feel like its a wasted drive somewhat. We do like the orthopedist that is doing his VEPTR surgery in August so we are kind of stuck in a relationship with Columbus now.
The dietician didn't really give any guidance - no charts, no numbers, no suggestions (other than to limit gatorade and juice, and sugary things like that - to which I wanted to sarcastically reply, oh really?) She said it seems like he's doing fine. I guess I should just be pleased and calm myself, but I get a little testy these days like I'm a constant advocate for the little man. Like I need to fight for him. Enough complaining! He's doing wonderfully though & we can't wait for his big party on Saturday!!! We still have to have a sleep study in Columbus on Thursday night and I think I'm going to take him by myself for the first time - so wish us luck!

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Sarah said...

I know what you mean about "breaking up"! I hate it. I broke up with our dietician at Riley hospital and I'm dreaded our next visit with the geneticist because I know she'll be there and wonder why I haven't called her in 6 months.... eek.

We dumped our dietician for the one that works with Dr. Miller. She's helped Lillian maintain a healthier weight. Dr. Miller also prescribes her HGH so she controls the doses. I like having them as a package deal and we visit them once a year plus keep in touch monthly by email. When she needs blood labs drawn she faxs me the labs and I have the local pediatrician re-write them so I can have them done locally. Then they fax Dr. Miller the results. It's GREAT.

If you're not too invested in the doctors in Ohio I highly recommend Dr. Miller!