Saturday, April 21, 2012

Doing much better

So we had an appointment Friday 13th to get the bandages removed again - dr. said it looked really good. Hoping that 6 weeks more of antibiotics gets rid of the infection - then we can still be on board with a total revision of the device in 6 more months (switching out the entire thing on both sides). If not - other crappier alternatives exist but I am staying positive that this is just killing it. :) Isaac is feeling sooo much better singing and laughing and back to his happy self - he still has horrible balance, made obvious by the enormous pump knot on his head he got his first day back to preschool - but hoping that all starts to improve too as he gets more used to the adjustment. We also had an eye appointment, and surgery was discussed. Isaac's eyes are crossing even with his glasses on - so yeah the glasses aren't going to correct it anymore. Accommodative esotropia is the actual term for what isaac has. Anyways, just wanted to update.

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Lisa said...

So glad to hear Issac is back to his old self! Thank you for the update. Sending you strength for the potential eye surgery too. You are an amazing mother!

I love the photos, thanks for sharing them.

Isn't it interesting the amount of medical terminology you learn when you are the parent of a child diagnosed with PWS? You have earned at least an honorary degree! Thinking of all of you!xo