Friday, April 27, 2012

Any insurance appeal tips out there?

Isaac was denied speech therapy - we've had it for half a year and now they are saying he doesn't fit the guidelines for medically necessary? Even though he fits all of the required list word for word? Even after his pediatrician did a peer to peer review twice? For real? You don't think this little boy needs speech therapy? Whatever. I'm just tired and annoyed. So any tips on insurance appeals??


giuliatta said...

Humm, no magic powers over there.

But you can get tips over there :

I got these tips on the PWSA USA website. I hope it will help you.

Isaac's Mom said...

Thanks so much! I swear its like you spend all your free time fighting for coverage!!!

giuliatta said...
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giuliatta said...

My mistake !! I also forgot to tell you that the PWSA can help you appeal a denial :

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