Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Surgery went well . . .

So amazingly enough they got us in quickly at Children's Hospital for surgery on December 23rd to close up Isaac's g-tube site that wasn't healing. The surgery went well and the very next morning we could feed the little man in his high chair. It was AMAZING. After leaking like a sieve for over 2 months the boy could finally keep some food in! He weighed 18 lbs and 7 ozs the day of the surgery. Hopefully we can get the little man to gain some weight so we can get back on track! He already seems to have so much more energy because he is keeping his food in. He really enjoyed Christmas & has been so fun these past few days. Such a silly little boy. Of course he did bite a girl at church, but she didn't seem to mind all that much. :)
Here's a shot of his tummy - its going to be a little U shaped scar & a lot smaller than we thought. Its hard to tell much, but you can at least get an idea of the size.

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