Wednesday, April 1, 2009

EEK - the feeding tube came out!

Ever since it was put in my husband and I have lived in FEAR that Isaac would pull out his mic-key button- even going to the ER last Thanksgiving because we thought it was out (it wasn't) - Isaac's tube finally came out.
I was trying to do an exercise on a ball that the PT showed me and his gauze on his tube got caught and pulled it out. He didn't even pull it out, the good little boy. It was my fault. Surprisingly he was grinning because I was trying to get him to bear weight on his feet & my husband and I were all up in his face. My husband said he thought he was peeing, but nope a bunch of milk was going everywhere.
It was not as bad as I thought it was going to be to put it back in. I had seen the doctor do it many times before, but I just thought we wouldn't be able to do it right on our own. I ran around and found the syringe, which I had buried in a bag in my bedroom closet (yeah I know it doesn't make a lot of sense) and held his hands while my husband calmly put it back in. Isaac didn't seem to mind one bit. Craziness. What an interesting life we lead :)

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