Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Surgery went well

So this time he only had to have a lengthening done, next time we'll have to have to change out the top portion of the device changed out - but we are thankful this one is over for now. He did great and was moving around soon after.

He had a room (suite actually) in the new portion of Nationwide Children's Hospital this time. It was very nice. We tried out the new playroom too. Overall we could ask for a better outcome. :)

Oh and anyone else notice how hard it is to not give comfort with food after a big procedure like this? It feels like I'm going against nature here to not feed him treats to make him feel better.

Anyways, he's doing great climbing the walls stuck here with mommy and the two others.


Lisa said...

Am so happy to hear all went well! Good healthy wishes to the little patient! I am with you...not easy to withhold treats after something like this!

Janet Gulley said...

Amazing little trooper you have!