Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Focusing on some sign language

So this week I bought pretty much everything Amazon had to offer which was Toddler/Baby sign language related. Isaac is doing great signing these days and what is surprising to me is that the words he signs the most are the ones he is starting to verbalize. More is signed and now accompanied by "mo mo" and please even has some verbal thing to it (which you can't really understand as please but he's signing please, so I am pleased :)

So if we actually got more words signed then we might be able to use them more and more and he'll eventually process them upstairs and be able to say them. We've kind of been lazy on new words lately, so unless we are in a zoo his words are limited. :)

The boy also keeps running a fever - no ear infection to be found - they gave us some antibiotics today so we are hoping that stops very soon!!!


debs6882 said...

There is a sign language book in the girls book order this time. I ordered it so they could learn some signs too. It's called Sign Language, My first 100 words. And so we could learn some of the signs too! :) Think Georgie will have fun learning them. She and Isaac will probably come up with their own secret language before long!

Isaac's Mom said...

That's so cute! I know emma was signing to him last time they were playing. Gracie (Becky's little girl) told Becky she wanted to learn signs so she could talk to Isaac. I thought that was pretty adorable. :)