Monday, October 25, 2010

We've been busy!

We've been all over lately! I love fall!! Its my favorite time of year!! & its festival season here in WV so there's always stuff to do! I feel like we are really getting the kids out there. I have started taking them to a play group at the library & they have been enjoying that (they even had a Halloween party like they were big kids!).

We never heard anything back about the ACTH test so we are guessing that is good news :)

We have a sleep study in November and cannot wait until we get back on the HgH! He's been off since July and we are really excited to get back on!

When we went for our PW appointment the first week of October he was in the 60th percentile for both height and weight and they were pleased, not concerned.

Sorry for the rambles, and blurbs but I wanted to update. OT has recommended using his z-Vibe more (vibrating the muscles around his face) and working with sour foods (like lemonade powder, we used cranberry crystal light today) to get him to use his mouth muscles. Speech Therapist has recommended working on single sounds and trying to get him to hum. He is trying to say everything these days it seems - he sounds wild, but he sure is trying! The humming because he is so into music and dancing and pretends to sing all of the time.

PT we still need to work on getting him to get himself out of the floor when there is nothing to pull up on - and crawling - he still struggles and doesn't do it often - we are all walking and FAST at that. We have used the exercise ball some and he is doing great. She recommended getting a little toddler trampoline for him.

Anyways - he is well and happy, which is all I've ever hoped for. Lucy is keeping him on his toes!

Here's a video of Isaac and his cousin Georgia at the Black Walnut Festival riding the carnival rides. He LOVED LOVED LOVED it!

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