Monday, February 1, 2010

Orthopedic Appt with Dr. Willits

Well we found out Isaac definitely has scoliosis - and will need some surgery to help fix it. Dr. Willits told us that we will need to have a VEPTR device hooked up to his spine to help it lengthen and grow properly. He has a curve of 31 degrees right now. He said that a brace will not help Isaac's curve because it is a neuromuscular curve and with his low tone a brace will just hurt other things like his lungs and kidneys and they won't be able to grow properly because they are being scrunched in. So this VEPTR device, which is relatively new and is only performed in like 5 or 6 hospitals in the country will help him grow. He'll have to have it in until he's like 12 or 13 and will need to be adjusted every 6 months through an outpatient procedure. The initial surgery is supposed to be pretty intensive and he may need to be in the hospital for days afterwards to be monitored. So its a little overwhelming, but I swear if it helps this boy we would agree to whatever!!! He's such a sweetie. He's a messy little thing, but sweet nonetheless. :)

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debs6882 said...

We are here behind you guys all the way. Ready to help anyway we can. I continue to be amazed by the new technologies and procedures that are available today. God is good! He closes a door, He opens a window.