Friday, March 6, 2009

I am incapable of dealing with people!!!

So my husband and I went to see a piece of property with a realtor Wednesday. God love her, she was probably mid-60's, heavy smoker, big hair wearing nice enough lady. But for the love of God, did she have to go on and on about how small my baby was, and what I needed to do to fatten him up? Then she proceeded to tell me, do you know he has a lazy eye? Then she told me how to fix it. I guess she was just trying to help me with her experience, but OH MY it was hard to be sweet and just ignore it all after awhile. I tried changing the subject several times. I had him in his little Peanut Shell or she probably would have commented on how floppy he is and how I could fix that. I got so aggravated, I wasn't even interested in the property. The experience soured me on it.

Its hard to listen to people who look at your child for 15 seconds and tell you how it is. When all you really want to say is, yeah, um we've noticed these things and are working on them. WE ARE NOT BLIND. We do not starve him, I promise. The lazy eye doesn't concern me ma'am not nearly as much as the hole in his stomach we feed him through, or the fact that he can't hold his head up at nearly 8 months, or the scary food and behavior issues I'll get to see in the future. But I guess it just makes you feel better to share your wisdom - but please God - just never again to me.

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Bryan said...

You should have just started picking out her flaws and telling her how to fix those...