Thursday, January 29, 2009

Insurance Case Manager = Genius

Whoever told us to get a case manager to deal with our insurance companies was sheer genius. I have talked to numerous people from our insurance in the past six months and no one ever seemed very helpful. Well today I called and asked for a case manager - since we use so much insurance - and sure enough they assigned us a nurse and she was beyond helpful. I was really worried about the growth hormone and she made it sound very promising! I am excited and very thankful because it has been so frustrating calling back and forth trying to get things approved!!!

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Jennifer said...

I'm so glad you were able to get a case manager, I remember what a God-send that was for us, especially while you're navigating through the process of securing approval for the HGH.

Next tip: if you haven't already had one, you need to get a sleep study scheduled. Ask your primary for a referral to a pulmonologist, who can then ask for the sleep study.

Sleep studies are commonly required prior to prescribing HGH and again after a few months on the medication to determine if there is apnea, or enlarged tonsils or adenoids that could be exacerbated by the HGH therapy. Some insurance companies require the sleep study before they'll approve the HGH, some endocrinologists won't prescribe it until a sleep study has been performed.

Getting in with a pulmonologist can take awhile (like all specialist appointments do) it's better to just request it and get the ball rolling so that it's done before anyone has cause to ask for it.

I've got some pictures posted of our last sleep study posted on my site: