Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Almost a year?

I thought I would share a little update on Isaac since its been nearly a year since my last post.

Isaac is 5 years old!!!!  He goes to pre-K four days a week for half a day.  He loves his teacher this year and has been lucky enough to have an aide nearly all to himself this year. His speech is intelligible by most these days - its pretty amazing to those who haven't seen him in awhile.  He still loves books and music.  He gets occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy and music therapy (by far his favorite). 

He got a trampoline for his birthday last year and have been so excited to use it again since we've been trapped in the house with all this crazy weather this winter!!!  Yay for spring finally!!!!  He's on .4mg of genotropin daily.  We are set to have another sleep study in May and a revision on his VEPTR in his back in the next couple of months.  

He's into repetitive questions right now and pretty particular about his schedule.  He has a rough time with transitions but does well when he knows how things are going to go in advance.  We have had a few instances this year of hitting at school but for the most part he just resorts to crying when he doesn't get his way.  But overall he's doing well.  Those are just our areas of concern for now.    

He still has limited access to food and is only allowed to eat what we give him - so foodwise we haven't had too much trouble so far.  His weight is up this winter but once we can get more exercise that should be a lot better too.  The winter has been hard on all of us.  :)  

We have a meeting next month to talk about Kindergarten - which has us a little freaked out - but excited.  Its hard to believe how fast it all goes.  

Here are a few recent pictures:

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Janet Gulley said...

I enjoyed catching up on Isaac. He looks great and the 3 of them look like such happy little ones. Enjoy the spring weather!